History of SciCorp Laboratories

SciCorp Laboratories opened their doors on 1 August 2016 to meet the scientific and laboratory testing niche market needs of agricultural and related food industries. SciCorp Laboratories evolved from a management buyout of the state-of-the art Analytical Services Laboratory of Incotec South Africa. This move by management will enable the team to use their vast fields of expertise to grow service delivery beyond the current seed testing services. To this end, investment in top personnel and equipment is a priority. SciCorp Laboratories will offer its service from the same premises in Pietermaritzburg and will be led by the same highly experienced team. SciCorp will continue to build a dynamic, world-class accredited laboratory that will see new departments and services launched beyond the current scope according to customer and market needs. SciCorp will become a leader of independent laboratory services by offering testing, R&D and consulting services to a broad range of clients, markets and industries.